Hello! I'm Jennifer, a licensed massage therapist and Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine student. My path to whole body and integrative medicine began 10 years ago when I moved to Portland from Florida. Growing up in Florida I had not ever heard of acupuncture, and massage was something you get at a Spa. As a person who has suffered from migraines since the age of 12, I have tried and would try anything to relieve them but "natural medicine" and Chinese medicine were not something that I was exposed to in my small beach town. Until acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine nothing I had been given had ever worked to relieve the pain.

After getting acupuncture and massages regularly I realized I was taking a step in the direction of wellbeing. With every step I was committing to and investing in my health. My personal struggle with migraines was slowly dissipating. Not only did my episodes get further and further apart and with less severity, but I was eating better, I was being more mindful in all aspects of my life and most importantly, I realized that I was in charge of my wellbeing. That I could make small changes that had huge impact on how I felt in my body. 


This was revolutionary. Health is not about radical changes, it is the small steps we take each and every day that begin again each and every morning.  


My next steps... with a fascination for the beauty, simplicity and availability of herbal medicine, I spent countless hours walking my neighborhood and local forests with my plant ID book. After a couple of years of self study I craved more formal education of the harvest, application, and clinical uses for herbal medicine. In 2014 I graduated from the Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine; a training program for local wildcrafting, medicine making and clinical herbalism. 

I soon started working at Integrate Health and Wellness PDX a Chinese Medicine clinic and apothecary. It is here my love and passion for massage bloomed. In 2015 I enrolled the 800-hour massage therapy program at East West College of the Healing Arts. With an emphasis on Swedish relaxation, Tuina, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral and Pre- and Perinatal Massage. 


I am excited to bridge the worlds of massage therapy, acupuncture and herbal medicine by offering custom blended massage oils, tinctures and tonics with individualized massage sessions and in the future with acupuncture and nutrition.

When not working with people and their muscles I am gleefully tending my garden with my son or out in the woods walking amongst the trees, plants and admiring the flowers. 

I look forward to working with you on your path of wellbeing!