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How many of us wish we just had a couple more hours of sleep each night?

Did you know that a 60 minute massage feels as relaxing as 7-8 hours of sleep?


Regular massage is also shown to improve sleep, boost immune function, provide relief from chronic pain, reduce stress, tension and anxiety. Reduce the healing time after injury, surgery or emotional trauma.  Improve joint mobility, decrease fatigue, increase energy and so much more.

Massage is a safe and nourishing way to stay in good health. 

At Wisewood Botanical Massage I create unique treatments with an array of

botanically infused oils, tinctures and liniments.

Before each massage you will get an aromatic hot foot bath to start your relaxation.

In the spirit of self-care and well being I look forward to working with you on your journey!

Herbal Salt
Housemade Herbal Infused Oils
Luxurious Foot Soak
The Studio
Jennifer Sylvia, LMT

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1411 NE Broadway St. Portland

Saturday  10:00-5:00pm

Sunday     10:00-5:00pm


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Jennifer Sylvia, LMT


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